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Every year, thousands of people across Ohio face financial difficulties. The idea of filing for bankruptcy may seem scary and overwhelming. However, the right attorney can guide you through the process so you can get started on your new future.

Since 1977, attorney Robert Ellis has helped clients in Marietta file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He is well known and established in the community for his thoughtful guidance and smart strategies to help clients overcome financial hardship.

Finding The Right Bankruptcy Solution For You

When you fall behind on your bills, it can feel impossible to catch up. Filing for bankruptcy can relieve some of the pressure and allow you to get back on your feet. Attorney Ellis will take the time to understand your situation so that he can best advise you on your next steps. Whether filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option or Chapter 13 suits your needs, he can help you through the process.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate most of your debt and start over by liquidating assets and repaying creditors. Chapter 7 can help you remove different kinds of unsecured debt, including credit card, medical and utility bills. To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must pass a means test. If your average monthly income for the six months before filing for bankruptcy is less than or equal to Ohio’s median income, you automatically qualify for Chapter 7. If your income is higher than the state average, you can still qualify if you show that you do not have enough disposable income to pay your creditors.

People who cannot pass the Chapter 7 means test still have Chapter 13 bankruptcy as an option. Chapter 13 bankruptcy focuses on debt repayment by establishing monthly payments over a period of three to five years.

Moving Forward Is Possible After Filing For Bankruptcy

No matter how dire your financial situation may feel, you have options to move forward. Contact attorney Robert Ellis at MDSLaw Ohio today by calling 740-923-4235 or completing an online contact form. Out of our Marietta office, we assist clients throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley.