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Client Reviews

“We needed to amend our current living trust and had utilized Matthew for prior family legal matters a couple of years ago.

“I actually had legal insurance coverage through my previous employment, which really came in handy. It covered over half of our payment. So glad I had that. Bc paying for lawyers is not cheap, but I wanted minor details taken care of in case both of us pass on. These were very important to both of us. Plus, Matthew had some suggestions for us as well. So, peace of mind was the bottom line. Believe me, once you’re gone from this world, how does anyone know your wishes for sure? It’s not like your family or friends can call you while you’re in heaven! Lol

“Matthew handled everything efficiently, professionally and with great expertise. I highly recommend him! Once he knew I had ARAG (legal insurance), he made the call for me right in his office immediately. That took care of most of our payment. He was upfront with charges right away. Normally I don’t carry my checkbook, but I was prepared this time bc last time we actually had to go back home & get it! Yup that really happened!

“Matthew made that legal process even quicker & more complete. He did have issues with his printer but borrowed the office’s printer. So NBD. We did all of this in two visits! Are you surprised? I’m not. It just reaffirms our excellent experience with Matthew Scott. I’m so glad we have an estate lawyer we trust & can go to whenever necessary.” – Karen K.

“Matthew Scott was referred to my parents by their banker when their trust needed to be updated. My Dad had not been thrilled with the original attorney who had written the original trust and didn’t really know what needed to be done after a title company had noted problems with the original trust when they sold their home.

“After a thorough, initial interview and review of the trust with my father (with me along for moral and factual support as my father hates business meetings), Matthew knew exactly what needed to be done to solidify and strengthen the trust and made plans to do so in rapid order. At the next meeting, Matthew explained the new provisions thoroughly (and changed the previous 1-page check-marked power of attorney documents to 35 pages each for Mom and Dad) and most importantly set my parents at ease.

“Matthew showed great concern and warmth toward my mother, who has suffered cognitive impairment after a stroke, and made sure her concerns and questions were answered. He is efficient, professional, and fair and is so on top of changing practices, etc. My Dad was concerned he would need to pay for an entirely new trust document, but Matthew worked with what he had and made sure our family has its legal bases covered. The attorney who created the original trust finished her meeting with my Dad saying, “If you have any questions now that the trust is done I’m $450 an hour.” Matthew said he doesn’t charge for quick email questions (understandably, if an office appointment is needed, charges a fee). Classy! Highly recommend!” – Geneva L.

“I am pleased to give the Attorney Matthew D. Scott four stars! I first met Mr. Scott several years ago as I began to work through issues with my mother’s estate. His interactions with her (at age 97) were gentle and caring. Her decisions allowed us to help her move forward with her financial decisions. When some aggressive realtors tried to confuse the close of the sale of her house, a call from Mr. Scott made all the problems go away. To this day, she is appreciative of his efforts.

“Several years later, my husband and I decided to set up our trust and make decisions about our estate. Again, he was kind and gave us time to think through our options. When the time comes, we will recommend him to our children. Mr. Scott has given us confidence that we have provided for our needs for the foreseeable future. I know that he will always respond if I need to reach him in an emergency. That certainly is the definition of a family lawyer.” – Janice

“I contacted Mr. Scott for an issue I’m dealing with. He was quick getting back to me. While Mr. Scott was not able to help me with my particular situation, he did give a little advice ad referred me to some attorneys that could. Wish he could have been the one to take on my issue.” – Jeff B.

“Matt has been our friend and estate attorney for years. Thanks to him, my husband Arnie and I are in very caring hands. He has handled all of our concerns, and we know that as life happens, we will both be taken care of and our wishes will be carried out. We cannot recommend him enough!” – June L.

“My husband and I just did a will and a trust with Matthew Scott. My husband was really hesitant to do a trust because he was worried it would be a huge hassle. Because of this, we took a while to decide what we were going to do. Matthew was exceedingly patient and responded promptly and patiently to our constant questions. Life is busy so we would fall of the face of the earth and not make any decisions. Matthew was not at all pushy but was helpful in keeping us on track. He came to our home for the signing and was efficient and had all that he needed to get our Will and Trust finalized. PHEW. Having a Will and a Trust is so important but life is busy and many of us forget to take the time to get our affairs in order. Feels so good to have this done, and we are thankful we found the help of an attorney like Matthew to help us have our “house in order” in case of an unforeseen event. Matthew knows his stuff and helped us get through this process and for that we are grateful. His prices are better than most attorneys doing Wills and Trusts.” – Nettie A.

“Matt is not only an amazing attorney, he is also a very dynamic public speaker. If you need someone to speak to your organization, I recommend that you contact Matt.” – Brian B.

“For the past year, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Matt very well. I am still amazed with the passion that he brings everyday to his clients’ estate planning needs. Not only is he on top of his craft but he also takes time out to support the community in any way he can. I have referred my parents to Matt and have full confidence that they will be in the best hands possible!” – Dan I.

“Mr. Scott gets the job done and makes sure everything is legal and nothing can come back on you. It makes a huge difference having someone like that to help you through everything; he made the transition simple, I’m thankful I chose him. There’s no way I could have done this without him, and I do highly recommend him. If I ever need him again, I’ll use him.” – Regina

“Matthew was great to work with! He answered my questions about my mother’s situation and even connected me with an additional person to help me out further. He quickly put together the needed legal documents to get me moving in the right direction. Highly recommend Matthew in helping anyone out with the legal care of their parents.” – Michael

“He took care of some probate/estate issues for us after my mother passed and was terrific. We had some difficult issues and he took care of it all. Would absolutely recommend his services. Thanks Matt.” – John

“Mr. Scott was with us every step of the way through the confusing system of Social Security. We were very happy with Mr. Scott & his staff. If you need an attorney who will treat you with respect & be by your side, Mr. Scott is that man.” – Michael Ford

“Matthew was a huge help in dealing with some business matters. He knew exactly how to bring things to a quick and successful resolution, with the least amount of worry on our part. We totally felt relieved to have him on our side. I would not think twice about working with him again, and I do highly recommend him to others.” – Eric

“I moved here from another state and Matthew helped me get all my paperwork in order. He was extremely helpful in guiding me through the trust/will process when my husband passed away. I highly recommend him. He listens to what you want/need and thoroughly explains the process.” – Joan

“He helped us settle my mom’s estate through probate and had some tricky elements to it. Always felt he was in control even through some difficult situations and even though I’m halfway across the country always felt like I was there. Would definitely recommend his services. Thx Matthew.” – John

“Mr. Scott did our estate plan and set up a trust for us. He was thorough and explained things clearly and honestly. His professionalism, integrity and expertise was particularly welcomed as we had not done this before. He treated us with great respect and did not rush through our questions but helped us feel like he had all the time in the world just for us. Now we are so glad we did this through Matthew D. Scott and would recommend him without reservation to anyone wishing to create an estate plan or set up a trust.” – Margaret

“Matthew has handled a conservatorship and a divorce for me, and I will be hiring him to take care of other family law needs in the near future. He handled my divorce exactly the way I wanted it handled and got it done quickly; he is easy to get a hold of if you have any questions, and he is excellent at keeping clients updated without “over updating” them. His pricing is very fair, and I feel very fortunate to have found such an honest lawyer whom I can depend on to take care of my children’s special legal needs.” – Denise

“Going through any kind of court ordeal is hard enough. Mr. Scott made it a priority to meet our needs and made the process surprisingly easy. Highly recommended.” – Israel

“After interviewing several Lawyers to help us put together a Family Trust, we settled on Matthew. We wanted to work with someone who would take the time to prepare a trust that met our unique criteria. Matthew’s knowledgeable, warm personality made this process “painless.” We are very pleased to have Matthew as our first call for legal advice!” – Marcus & Crystal, a Trusts client

“Matt Scott did our estate plan for my husband and I. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. I would highly recommend him. I felt that he was extremely trustworthy and that we were in capable hands. Thank you Matt!” – Jayne

“Mr. Scott took care of 2 family trusts for me and working with him was such a pleasure. Professional yet made you feel like you had known him for years. The whole process was extremely smooth. He is great at what he does. And, his assistants are awesome also. A pleasure to work with.” – Vicki

“We were very pleased with the service we received. Matthew was friendly and helpful, and made the process easy.” – David

“Easy and job well done. Felt confident that they knew their business well. Awesome.” – Wanda

“I have used Matthew D. Scott’s services for at least 5 years and will continue. He has been excellent in taking care of my legal needs.” – Paul

“It was a pleasure working with Matt and his staff. We had a particularly complex case that we felt was going to be difficult to resolve. Matt was very thorough and patient in his explanations. He presented us with good ideas and excellent guidance, and we are delighted with the finished product.” – Glenn G.

“My husband and I wanted to prepare a trust for our estate and did not have a lawyer in the area. Matthew D. Scott was a referral. Matthew’s assistant Michael was prompt in answering my phone call to schedule an appointment. Upon meeting Matthew and not familiar with a trust, Matthew answered all questions and concerns in a language that was understood. He is very professional and knowledgeable. Matthew gave recommendations on certain aspects of a trust. Documentation was prepared and completed in a timely fashion. Both my husband and I highly recommend Matthew D. Scott to fulfill your Wills, Trusts and Probate needs.” – Ginny

“Matthew is very helpful. His staff is awesome. I had a living trust that was very confusing for me and siblings who were less than helpful. He was very patient with me and gave extremely helpful advice, and he made my nightmare much, much easier. Honestly, I have no idea what I would have done without him. He is the kindest and most pleasant attorney I have ever dealt with. I highly recommend him to anyone who requires an amazing attorney. Thank you Matthew and staff; we appreciate you.” – Kathleen