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Simplifying Medicaid And Nursing Home Planning For You

The sooner you begin long-term care planning, the more secure you can feel as you approach your golden years. By preparing financially in case you ever need a nursing home or other long-term care facility, you set yourself up for a simpler, more predictable future.

At MDSLaw Ohio, we serve the people of Marietta, Washington County and the surrounding region of Ohio. We understand how overwhelming and confusing it can feel when navigating Medicaid. We are experienced, caring attorneys who can guide you through the system, counsel you on how to become eligible for benefits and help you plan for your long-term care.

Making Sure You Qualify For Medicaid

There are strict limits to your assets and income if you wish to receive Ohio Medicaid. Still, with proactive estate planning, you can take steps to qualify without spending down your estate unnecessarily. Some of your options include:

  • Setting up Medicaid asset protection trusts
  • Gifting money strategically
  • Donating money to charity
  • Other asset allocation strategies

We will sit down with you and build a close relationship with you. We will learn about your financial situation and your goals so that we can come up with the best strategy for you. Then, we will take practical steps to implement it.

Why Should You Have A Medicaid Lawyer?

Medicaid regulations change constantly. It is crucial to have a Medicaid and elder law attorney who stays up to date about every development so that you comply with the law, know your rights and understand the procedures. If Medicaid denies your application, then your attorney will help you file an appeal. With a lawyer, you also have someone who can help you maximize your Medicaid benefits and even advise you about other sources of benefits.

Start Your Planning Today

If you are taking the first step in long-term care planning, reach out to MDSLaw Ohio today. You will receive the guidance you need from a compassionate legal team. To request a consultation, please call 740-923-4235 or send us an email.