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Do this before transitioning your parent to elder care

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Elder Law

As your parents age, having a conversation about transitioning them to elder care can be both necessary and emotionally charged. Finally arriving at the decision that your parent should transition to elder care can inspire practical challenges as well.

One box that you shouldn’t leave unchecked is helping to ensure that your parent’s estate is in order. This can give your loved one peace of mind as they transition to their golden years. Sorting things out can also simplify the probate process for the family when the time comes.

Open the dialogue

The more your parents age, it can seem like there’s always one more sensitive topic you need to talk to them about. It can be easy to let yourself be overwhelmed by this responsibility. However, it would be best if you reminded yourself that getting the conversation out of the way can ease a lot of tension within the family.

Additionally, rather than waiting until you feel the time is right, you should make time to open this important dialogue. A candid conversation about your parent’s estate can enlighten you on their preferences about different important components.

Compile pertinent documents

Once you have an overview of your parent’s preferences, you can proceed to compile all pertinent documents pertaining to their estate. Suppose they already have some form of estate planning documents; you can go through them to see if the established stipulations correspond with their latest wishes.

To help ensure you don’t get overwhelmed while keeping up with all the information, you can involve a legal representative who can break things down for you. You can also involve trusted family members who can help in fulfilling your loved one’s wishes.

Draft or revise their will

Suppose your parent has never attempted to put their wishes down in writing; you will need to do that for them before they transition to elder care. However, if a will already exists, this would be a great time for a review and update. A legal team can help you articulate your parent’s preference into a legally binding document.

Helping your parent put their estate in order before transitioning to elder care is a loving and responsible act that helps to ensure that their legacy is preserved. It involves a candid conversation, careful organization of pertinent documents and legal assistance. By taking these steps, you can alleviate much of the stress associated with this life transition and help provide peace of mind for both your parent and your family.